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A contract is a written or spoken agreement, especially one concerning employment, sales, or tenancy, that is intended to be enforceable by law. Are you having a problem with a contract? For a free fifteen minute consultation call (505) 506-9434.

Health Law

Health law is the federal, state, and local law, rules, regulations and other jurisprudence among providers, payers and vendors to the health care industry and its patients. Call for a free 15-minute consultation (505) 506-9434.

Real Estate Law

How do real estate contracts work? New Mexico has a system of special deeds permitting the seller to file a deed returning property to seller’s name on default, and without court process, using escrow companies to hold deeds, accept and distribute payments, send default notices, and make seller’s mortgage payments. Call for a free15-minute consultation (505) 506-9434.

Immigration Law

Immigration practice is a unique area of American law where many cases involve dual (or multiple) representation. This occurs when a lawyer represents two or more clients in a single matter. In most areas of law practice this is uncommon.

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Legal Services

Attorney Dena Wurman specializes in practical solutions to legal problems. She has successfully obtained government approvals for client businesses and individuals. She assists professionals, physicians, researchers, individuals, for profit and non-profit corporations with their legal needs. Specializing in administrative legal matters, she earned a Masters Degree in Public Administration (MPA), a Juris Doctorate degree (JD) and was admitted to the State Bar of New Mexico in 2005. Ms. Wurman is currently a member of the State Bar of New Mexico Law Practice Management Committee. Call or e-mail for a free consultation.